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one Easy lift,

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Every NeedS

Raise, Lower, Easy Access, Self-Levelling and Service/Alignment. Satisfy your needs with a simple click!

heights variations

We provided you Easy Lift with 7 presets with this factory configurations:

-30, -20, -10, Neutral, +35, +55 and +70 millimeters from the Standard Land Rover height.

But like said, this is only our factory configuration. You have the full control of our  module! By the Settings page of our App you’ll can change it and configure each preset in a measuring range from -35 to +75 millimeters in 5mm steps for Easy Lift Full and Plus versions and -20 to +55 millimeters for Lite version.

The Land Rover height switch still available and can be used in conjunction with Easy Lift. An example?

Land Rover Off Road height (+55) + Easy Lift +70 = +125mm

Are you ready for raise or lower your vehicle like you never done before? Forget the annoying “bings” and “bongs”! Leaving your car in Land Rover Standard height and using Easy Lift for the variations, you don’t have speed limitations.

default program

Easy Lift has a simple concept. To be “Easy to use”, also driving your car. For this reason with developed an wired secure and user friendly controller. Turn and click, that’s all you need to do for activate one program!

But… if you want came back quickly in Neutral? No distractions! keep you eyes on the street and make a simple “double click” on the controller!  Anyway, some our customer said us:

“I got larger tyres and I drive always at +35mm or more”. Someone else said: “I prefer drive always at -20mm”

Land Rover Passion has replied developing a new feature. Now the Default Program is customizable by the App and the Controller so, with the usual Double Click, you can now choose which program will be activated.

It’s really true, power at your fingertips!

Special programs

Easy Lift is equipped with 3 special programs for manage special or emergency situations

The Self-Leveling program of Easy Lift self-level automatically the vehicle for give you the best “sleeping” confort.

How it works? Easy Lift is equipped with a Gyroscopic Sensor and with an initial simple calibrations procedure, we store the position of the axles X and Y. When you activate the Self Leveling programs, Easy Lift adjust every single corner individually for came back the vehicle to the stored position. It’s works up to from 4.5° degrees slope with 0,5° of tolerance.

Just press one button, that’s all!  it’s easier to do than to say it.

The Extra Low program lower the vehicle to the minimum limit allowed. It’s developed to facilitate the boarding of persons with reduced mobility, to facilitate the loading/unloading of luggage or parcels/materials from the vehicle, whether they are stored in the luggage door or on the roof rack. The Extra Low program is not for driving use, but it can be used at low speed for access to low garages, parking and save money for Ferries tickets and more!

Easy Lift Service program

The Alignment/Service Program allows you to performs an accurate wheel alignment of your vehicle. No more need to go to the dealer to set in tight tolerance and subsequently restore the suspensions, reducing time and costs of the intervention.
You can go directly to the Garage, jump on its wheel alignment machine, set our special program, wait 30″ and turn off engine and ignition. When finished, double click for set your personal Default program and go. That’s all!

This program locks suspensions in the height chosen as Default so, if you driving often above or below the standard, you’ll can do an specific alignment for your new height.

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